65 x Wheelbarrows

I did some home-renovation in the weekend where I dug out 12 square meters worth of concrete and sand. My aim is to install 30cm insulation in the floor, floor heating and a 10cm concrete slap. Floor heating is worth the digout trouble.


The first thing I struck was that there were a previous floor heating installation, as seen on the photo above with no insulation of any kind. My guess is that the floor heating was installed when the house was built in 69′ and at some later date has been disconnected due to excessive energy requirements.

img_20170212_101802The total sum I dug-out was close to 5 cubic meters. Using power tools, a showel and 3 x 12 liter buckets… took some time.

Fun fact: I counted 65 wheelbarrows worth of concrete, sand + misc. when I moved it to the container:


I will install 30 cm insulation + floor heating in the coming weekend. Much less demanding than shoveling out and moving 5 cubic meters!


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