Windows 10 – Virtual Desktop

Microsoft introduced the Virtual Desktop concept with the introduction of Windows 10. This is similar/direct clone of how many Linux distributions support multiple desktops, allowing multiple desktop instances to house separate windows.

Simply put, this feature is awesome when working on multiple projects at once, since one can layout the windows in the order that make sense for one particular project without sacrificing the layout of another project on another desktop.

For work, I typically have a desktop for my Outlook + misc documents while a second desktop houses my Visual Studio + other dev related stuff. I typically have a third desktop for music playback / other media.

This setup is especially powerfull when working on server/client projects at the same time.

One desktop can hold the Server related development, while another desktop can hold the client related development. Switching between desktop is as easy as using WIN + CTRL + left/right arrow keys.

If something comes up, e.g. a support case during work, one can simply create a total new desktop to take care of this using WIN + CTRL + D. This allows one to easily resume work on an existing project when the case has been resolved.



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